As a visual storyteller, I translate ideas, concepts and narratives into visuals – still pictures, videos, layouts or designs. Together with with editors, clients and collaborators, I study my subjects, try to understand what they are about and then visually represent them.

If you’re looking to hire a storyteller to translate your vision to pictures and designs, have a look around my page to find out who I am and what I do, and get in touch so that we can talk about what I can do for you.

Projects I'm Currently Working On

I strongly believe that the absolute best thing about being a storyteller is the extraordinary breadth of things I get to do. Whilst I certainly enjoy this privilege and take full advantage of it, every now and then I find a project that absorbs me completely. These are the ones that I’m devoting myself to right now.

GSK Identity Update
GSK Identity Update
I am currently coordinating the implementation of an update to the digital strategy of GSK Slovakia that includes a revamp of the company’s website and development of social media strategy.
I’ve been studying ways of incorporating elements of nature to urban environment since 2014. The project follows beekeepers, farmers, artists and others.

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