Zona A was one of the very earliest punk bands in an authoritarian, communist-led Czechoslovakia. Starting out with a struggle against an authoritative regime, followed by liberalisation after the 1989 revolution, instability of the 90s, and maturing in the recent years. In many ways, Zona A’s milestones mirror the timeline of their home country of Slovakia with an uncanny accuracy. Today, thirty years after the quartet first got together, things are somewhat different. The music and the message stayed, but the enemy’s gone. The picture series follows the band’s summer tour, and depicts live shows, life in backstage, travel, and relationship with their fans.


The photo essay attempts to provide a peek into the daily life of a young athlete. David started to compete when he was just nine. What started as a standard pastime that numerous school children have, quickly evolved into a serious commitment to a life between a race-track and a gym. In the past six years, David has become the National Champion of Slovakia in various canoe sprint disciplines 21 times, and thus has established himself as one of the country’s biggest future Olympic hopefuls. By showing his training routine, his racing involvement, his time off, or the relationship with his father, the story explores topics of aspirations, single-mindedness, passion and determination.